Angelica Tulino


Angelica Tulino





Staten Island
New York City


(917) 5871236




I consider my background to be unique, because of my day-to-day personal and professional involvement with special needs children and adults as well as with teachers and parents of children and adults with special needs. continuously take advantage of professional development opportunities as I attend workshops and trainings to familiarize and educate myself with skills designed to support my self-direction clients. In Staten Island, I educated business owners and established job site opportunities as I created SEMP, Community Pre-Voc, as well as volunteer opportunities for my clients. I also helped create highly demanded after school respite programs that are affiliated with non-for profit agencies. Recently, I created a relationship with a local builder who is interested in modifying some of his apartments to accommodate wheelchair individuals. Foremost, as a mother of two children with special needs I can be proactive and a great asset to a circle of support team in helping with diverse person centered self-direction planning.


October 2018 Completed The Fall 2018 Housing Navigator Course May 2016 Completed 24 hours of Pathways to Employment Training with OPWDD December 2018 Completed the Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act July 2019 completed the Implicit Bias Awareness Workshop November 2017 and November 2018 attended the SOTA Conference - an informational conference designed to bring together inclusive higher education universities for individuals with special needs Workshops:Legal Guardianship presented by Members of the Staten Island Surrogate Court Transitioning from Dept of Ed to State Services Workshops IEP Writing and Related Services workshops Apraxia of Speech with Nancy Kaufman, M.A, CCC/SLP Linda mood -Bell V&V Training Links to Language with Pamela Payne Multisensory Learning Styles Methods with Dunn & Dunn NEST Program Training TEACH Method Training Annual Fragile-X Syndrome Conference
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