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The process began as we, a group of local care providers, worked together to obtain an Article 44 license. With this license, iCircle was created to assist anyone needing Medicaid Managed Long-Term Care (MLTC) services. In 2017, after nearly two years of providing managed care services, Prime Care Coordination was established, applying the same approach to help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities obtain quality care coordination services.

To be the best care coordination organization, we are committed to the same things that matter to our partner agencies and the individuals and families we serve. Diversity is a priority. We work with a wide range of partner agencies to serve a diverse population, and we want to make everyone feel comfortable with the services they receive. Our team is also made up of staff who help those we serve feel most at home.

The Prime Care Regional Offices and Care Managers are local and actively involved in their communities, continuously developing relationships with the agencies you work with on a daily basis. We are committed to a family-like environment in which we consistently and continuously work to deliver the best care possible for each individual.

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