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Hello my name is Kpana Kpoto. I have a Bachelor's degree in Communications from Howard University. After years in the field of educational publishing, I made the transition to the disability field in 2012 when my son who is on the autism spectrum began to have more involved needs. For the past seven years I have supported families struggling to navigate various systems, including the NYC Department of Health‐ Early Intervention, the NYC Department of Education, and the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities. My support includes providing guidance to help them prepare for meetings, help them understand eligibility processes, and connect them with much needed resources.In 2013, I co‐ founded the Bronx Parents Autism Support Circle, Inc., which is an autism parent support group with 501(c)(3) status in the Bronx. We have been a vital source of support and information for over 300 families in our borough. I joined INCLUDEnyc in 2015 and now hold the role of Senior Family Educator. I have been the go‐to person at this organization to help families


1. Listening: I understand the importance of actively listening to be able to identify and research needed supports and services for people with disabilities; 2. Communication: I possess excellent written and verbal communication skills; 3. Fast Learner: I can quickly pick up on new concepts and staying abreast of OPWDD‐related changes and policies affecting individuals receiving services, including self direction; 4. Connected: I am adept at identifying and articipating in disability‐related meetings and events that help me build relationships with people in the field and in turn allows me to be able to advocate for the individuals I work with. 5. Advocacy: I am my son's advocate and he has been receiving self direction services. This never ending quest to ensure that he gets what he needs gives me an inside look at the importance of person centered planning and making sure that his Staff Action Plan, Life Plan, and Budget reflect his needs. I intend to utilize these skills and more with the individuals that I serve